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Diagnostic Test Providers

Feeding data from the sequencing machines to analysis pipelines, and then delivering the results to clients can take months with traditional infrastructure.

BGI Online automates these tasks through integration with your current Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and decreases the time spent on logistics. You can now focus on bringing more value to your customers while increasing your own revenues.

Sequencing Providers

Enable collaboration securely.

Security every step of the way

Data security is treated with utmost importance. Your data is encrypted at every step: during file transfer, while on pipeline analysis, and in storage.

BGI Online is compliant to HIPAA and the US-EU’s Data Protection Directive.

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Easily share your results

You no longer need hard drives to download data and physically send to clients. BGI Online’s project settings allow you to share your results directly.

Seamless Integration

Upload encrypted data automatically from your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) using BGI Online’s Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Run your own tools, or choose from our library.

The public library contains BWA, GATK, Cufflinks, TopHat, and other common tools pre-loaded. You can also import tools and create your own pipelines using the software development kit (SDK) and visual pipeline editor.

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