Analyse, store and share
your genomics data securely.

BGI Online helps you on genome sequencing and analysis projects, while eliminating software setup and file transfer logistics.

It is a secure cloud platform for bioinformaticians to advance life-saving research.

How it Works

Big Data

Access the world’s largest
repository of genomic data.

Design Analyses

Use our best practices or create your own pipeline.

Share Findings

Share your findings to clients and peers.

Visualise Results

Visualise your results using, Genome Voyager, etc.


Who can use BGI Online?

Possible users of BGI Online are:
• Bioinformaticians
• Tool developers
• Researchers
Sequencing Providers
Diagnostic Test Provider
Biopharmaceutical Company

What kind of analysis does it do?

BGI Online can do RNA-Seq Analysis, Whole Genome Analysis, Whole Exome Analysis, etc with best practices from our bioinformatics experts.

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How long does an analysis take?

Fast secondary analysis (from raw reads to variants) is supported. It takes about 4 hours to analyze a 50-fold whole genome sequence (WGS) sample, or 10 minutes for a 200-fold whole exome sequence (WES) sample using the ELSA pipeline developed by L3 Bioinformatics.

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How secure is my data?

Your data security is very important.
• AES-256 end-to-end data encryption
• Version-controlled data, tools and pipelines
• Role-based access control and sharing
• Digicert Verified Secure (SSL) Data Transfer
• HIPAA Compliant
• US - EU Data Protection Directive Compliant

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Can I run my own tools?

You can upload and run your own tools in our platform using the BGI Online SDK.

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Can I visualise my results?

Visualise your mutations via third-party platforms such as, Genome Voyager etc., with a click.

Can I build my own pipeline?

Drag, drop and connect tools to build your own pipeline.